Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Memories of Harvard

Alumni were requested to provide information about themselves to be published in the Yearbook. An alumni with the initials A. F. wrote the following:


You ask for news of me. Very well. At present I am in Kaiser Hospital, San Francisco, recovering from a motorcycle accident on the Golden Gate Bridge that nearly took my life. As it is, I only lost my spleen and a great deal of blood. This is my second such accident in five weeks. After the first one, on October 31, I went in debt to the tune of $500 to have my bike repaired. The bike is now destroyed.

I am employed as a teacher's aide in San Rafael, a suburb of San Francisco, and I bring home the princely sum of $175 a month. My indebtedness from the first accident now cuts this in half. A few weeks ago the woman I have loved for over a year left me for another man. Trite as this sounds, that's what happened. Last summer my most prized possession, my hi-fi system, was stolen.

On the other hand, people are still impressed when I tell them I went to Harvard." 

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